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Your RavenHaven solution thinks like you. It understands your needs and performs actions according to the occasion, season, presence and your smart lifestyle. It’s the smart home with the highest IQ and best EQ. An intelligent solution that will simplify things. A total smart system that will take care of millions of tasks each year to reset the clock and create time to enjoy the beautiful things in life.



Spend more precious time with your family. RavenHaven incorporates all aspects of your life to transform it into a truly smart lifestyle. Our mobile application allows you to securely control and monitor your smart home from anywhere in the world, allowing you to have piece of mind when it comes to home security and access.

Your water and electricity usage is now measured in real time with leak detection and excessive usage warnings built in as standard. There is no need to worry about bills and payments anymore as you only pay as you use. The money is deducted directly from your smart wallet and there is no more worrying about forgetting to pay a bill. The traceability is also much higher as you can monitor your usage in real-time.