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A RavenHaven smart home brings true happiness to its occupants. It is an intelligent, comfortable, safe and energy-efficient place to live. The core pillars on which RavenHaven stand are Comfort, Security, Ease of Use and Piece of mind. With every decision we make, we are sure to base it on our core pillars, as to always stay true to ourselves.

Our intelligent solution provides access to online shopping platforms, you can now spend more time with the family and have your purchased goods delivered directly to your doorstep. Mobile transactions will become part of your smart lifestyle as you can now send cash directly to loved ones, buy data or airtime or even play the lotto in a matter of seconds.

The RavenHaven panic button feature will help you receive emergency and safety assistance when you most need it and notify friends and relatives of your location in real time.



As market leaders, our RavenHaven partners develop smart estates with feature-rich and future-proof technological solutions that can be personalised and white labelled according to our partner’s needs with our configurable technologies.

Our development partners can now add innovative value to their developments with totally integrated, resource efficient, comfortable and safe estate developments, that stands out from the norm. Making our smart developments more valuable and easier to sell.


RavenHaven’s unique technologies and software for property management is centred around a business plan philosophy that focusses on the critical success factors to ensure that we grow your investment.

Our technologies enable specialist property management through professional and transparent practices to increase the value of your property investment – making life easier for managers and home owner associations.


RavenHaven also creates smart and happy working environments. We create value and save money with smarter security systems and; by intelligently automating the management of water and electricity usage. Our innovative solution is so amazing, your competition may even get a bit jealous.


As a team we are happy to co-design a smart lifestyle to create happy communities. Please get in touch so that we can answer all your questions and kick-start the exciting journey!