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RavenHaven is a global information technology company specialising in smart, integrated and secure systems. We operate a tailored, solution based technology – currently accepted as the safest, most user friendly front-end software and ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) platform. Based on more than 10 years of Research and Development RavenHaven was founded in 2017 to develop the smartest, safest and most valuable homes, estates and business assets.

Our company names derives from the “Raven” which is seen as the smartest animal ( )and “Haven” which refers to one’s asset or home. RavenHaven started as a dream to create a smart lifestyle, which would benefit all the people of Africa. Our dream expanded into all aspects of our daily lives and now encompass a holistic smart lifestyle. Our professional team of specialists improve entire systems with our innovative and comprehensive technologies.


Everyone enjoy the benefits and rewards of RavenHaven Technologies. We see living in a smart home or operating a smart asset not as a luxury, but as an innovative lifestyle for everyone.

RavenHaven simplifies advanced technologies to empower people and create measurable value.