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We create value and save money with smarter security systems and; by intelligently automating the management of water and electricity usage. Our online platform allows you instant access to your consumption, charges involved and the ability to make account payments instantly.



Smart offices make use of our biometric door lock system, which also logs the comings and goings of all authorised personnel and exports the data for further analysis. Motion sensors not only triggers the alarms when set, but also triggers light zones in the area. This allows for lights to turn off when no one is around.


Smart farms make use of our flow meters and remote valves to monitor and control irrigation systems. Our outdoor security cameras monitors zones in real time and with motion sensor capabilities, it notifies the relevant authorities in the case of a security breach. Feeding systems can be put on timers and calibrated to ensure that each animal receives the correct feed according to their dietary needs. With in-house research and development capabilities, there is no request that can not be answered.


Flow meters, temperature and pressure sensors and security monitoring systems all form part of a smart industrial ecosystem. With remote controlled valves and switches, dangerous operations can be fully automated and injuries can be minimised. With in-house research and development capabilities, tailor-made solutions can be provided for every request from the sea waters to the land.