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Smart Door Lock


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Our Smart Door lock is a great way to make sure your home is secure at all times. You will be able to unlock your doors from anywhere but will also be able to see the state of your door open/closed. In the case of loss of power our secure lock will always lock as a safety back up and still have the override of a manual key.

Lock Size: 260Lx35Wx48H(mm)
Strike Size: 100Lx25Wx3H(mm)
Input Voltage: DC12V±10%
Start Current: 950mA
Working Current 140mA
Door Type Applicable: Wooden door, Glass door, Metal door, Fireproof door
Time Delay: 0, 3, 6,9 sec
Signal output: YES
Security Type: Unlocked when energized
Weight: 1.6KG.

*monthly charges may apply.


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