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Smart Electricity Meter


Our smart electricity meter enables you to purchase your electricity safely from anywhere in the world, may it be pre-paid or post paid, it even creates invoices accordingly. You do not have to be at home te enter your code received for pre-paid like the conventional meters. You can also track your usage via our app or web portal.

Accuracy Active: Class 1(IEC) / Class B (MID)
Nominal Voltage 1 phase 2 wire: 110V — 240V (-20%…..15%)
Current Range Lb/lref


5A, 10A,

80A, 100A

Starting Current According to IEC 0.4%lb
Frequency 50 / 60Hz, +/- 5%
Power Consumption Phase Voltage

Voltage Circuit:

Current Circuit:


<1W, < 5VA


Temperature Range Operation:


–       25° C to + 55° C

–       40° C to + 70° C

Humidity Range Up to 95%
Protection Degree IP54 (indoor)
EMC Surge (1.2/50μ s

EMC environmental conditions


acc.IEC 62052-11

RTC Clock Accuracy <0.5s / day
Standards IEC Standard

MID standard

IEC 62052-11 IEC 62053-21

EN54070-1   EN54070-3

Communications Built-in

Modules (optional)

Optical, RS485 / MC171 / M-BUS

2G / 3G / PLC / RF-Mesh / Ethernet

Output/Input 1 x Electronic outputs (optional) Acc.IEC 62053-32
Data Storage Load Profile (optional)

Billing data

8 channels

12 Billing periods

Terminals BS7856
Battery Exchangeable
Disconnector Maximum switch voltage

Maximum switch current

Short circuit ≤ 10ms

Mechanical life

Electrical life



3000A (according to IEC62053-21)

≥300000 OPS

≥10000 OPS

Housing Material Polycarbonate+GF

*monthly charges may apply.


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