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Smart Water Meter



Our smart water meter enables you to pay your water bills safely from anywhere in the world, it even creates invoices accordingly. You can also track your usage via our app or web portal and will get notified of any possible leaks.

Dimensions and Weights

Nominal size DN mm 15
Permanent flowrate Q3 m3/h 2.5
Ratio Q3 / Q1 160
Overload flowrate Q4 m3/h 3.125
Minimum flowrate Q1 (tolerance ±5%) l/h 15.6
Transitional flowrate Q2 (tolerance ±2%) l/h 25.0

Operational Characteristics

Nominal size DN mm 15
Starting flowrate l/h 3
Minimum flowrate l/h 6
Transitional flowrate l/h 15
Maximum registration m3 104
Lowest resolution l 0.02
Pressure loss at Q3 bar 0.6
Pressure Class PN bar 16

Dimension and Weights

Dimensional characteristics

Nominal size DN mm 15
Length L mm 115
Width W mm 105
Total height H mm 110.5
Total height with Tassembled HRI TH mm 132.3
Height to pipe axis h mm 50.0
Piping dimension inch ½
Tail inch G1/2”B
piece Diameter mm 26.44
thread Pitch 1.814
Weight   kg 0.5

*Please note this product must be purchased with at least one of our electricity meters with water meter receiver for every 10 water meters in the case of only wanting to have the water meters as a communication device.

*monthly charges may apply.


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