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Wireless Door/Window Sensors


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Our smart door/window sensor is a wireless magnetic sensor that sends notification and status of doors and windows to your app. This is a great security enabler that does not need any wiring and is an easy installation. Will also send notification in the case of low battery.

Dimentions: 50mmx32mmx22mm
Weight: 25grams
Packing box size: TBD
Enclosure Materials: ABS plastic.
Ingress Protection Rating: IP68
Main sensor: 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer (Range 8G, Bandwidth
Radio: Non-specific short range device (SRD)
Non-specific short range device (SRD):
Carrier Frequency: 868.1MHz
Relative Standards: EN 300 220-1, EN 201 489-1,3
Output Power: 10dbm (10mW)
Antenna: Monopole (¼ wave)
Power supply:
3V Lithium Battery
3 year expected life.
Environmental Working Conditions:
-25 degree celsius to +85 degree celsius, Relative humidity:<95%

*monthly charges may apply.


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