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RavenHaven’s unique technologies and software for property management is centred around a business plan philosophy that focusses on the critical success factors to ensure that we grow your investment.

In combination with our advanced smart home products we provide smart metering solutions for electricity and water in both residential and commercial properties. Our online platform allows you instant access to your consumption, charges involved and the ability to make account payments instantly. This innovative solution allows property managers and home owner associations (HOA) to effectively collect monthly instalments. This simplification allows our partners to focus more on effectively managing the assets.

Our technologies that can be easily integrated, enable specialist property management through professional and transparent practices to increase the value of your property investment – making life easier for managers and home owner associations.



Are you interested in working with RavenHaven? Please get in touch. We can offer you advise and insight about how RavenHaven can be a valuable and seamless part of a home’s infrastructure.